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Can sunburn cause skin irritation? What is the correct sun care method to prevent rough skin?


Many of you may have experienced skin irritation caused by sunburn. In this article, we will introduce in detail what kind of care should be taken after sunburn, and precautions when taking care.

Why sunburn causes skin irritation

There is a stratum corneum on the outside of the skin, and this stratum corneum performs a barrier function that prevents the invasion of external stimuli and bacteria and viruses.

If you continue to be stimulated by UV rays, the barrier function of the stratum corneum will weaken. As a result, the skin becomes dry due to lack of moisture and sebum, and it becomes more susceptible to external stimuli, making it more likely to become rough and stiff. In order to prevent rough skin, it is important to minimize irritation to the stratum corneum so that this "barrier function" does not deteriorate.

Correct remedy for sunburn

Take effective measures in advance to prevent damage to your skin from UV rays. From here, we will introduce three countermeasures.

apply sunscreen correctly

When going out, it is important to apply a sunscreen with high UV protection.

There are two types of UV inhibitors in sunscreens: absorbers and scattering agents. Absorbers absorb ultraviolet light and convert the ultraviolet energy into heat energy and emit it. Scattering agents diffusely reflect UV rays on the surface of the skin, so it may be a burden depending on the skin type. It is effective to reapply a sunscreen that matches your skin type every 2-3 hours.

UV protection when going out

When going out, try to avoid the hours between 10:00 and 14:00 when the UV rays are strongest. If you must go out during the hours when UV rays are strong, we recommend wearing a parasol, hat, or sunglasses, wearing a scarf to limit skin exposure, and moving in the shade as much as possible.

UV protection indoors

Of course, when you go out, you need to protect yourself from UV rays even indoors. Wear sunscreen whether you go out or not. It is also a good idea to choose curtains that have UV protection. UV cut curtains prevent UV rays from entering by reducing the gaps between fibers and reflecting UV rays with a special material. Choose a product with a high UV cut rate.

Correct care after sunburn

As mentioned above, it is important to prevent sunburn in advance, but it is also important to know what care to take after getting sunburned.

cool down quickly

Sunburned skin is in a state of heat, so first cool it down with a wet towel or ice to calm the heat. It is also a good idea to apply an anti-inflammatory topical ointment to prevent pain and itching.


Sunburned skin has its stratum corneum damaged, and if left untreated, it will dry out. Moisturize with It is a good idea to choose ingredients that are less stressful and irritating to the skin. When moisturizing, touch your skin gently and carefully, and if you feel pain or itching on your skin, do not put up with it, and wait until the inflammation subsides before applying skin care.

eat antioxidant-rich foods

When exposed to UV rays, active oxygen is generated in the body, which lowers the immunity of the skin and body, leading to rough skin. Therefore, it is effective to eat a variety of foods and supplement nutrients in a well-balanced manner. Vitamin A contained in pumpkins, vitamin C contained in paprika and strawberries, vitamin E contained in almonds, and polyphenols contained in blueberries should be actively incorporated into your diet.

Precautions for care after sunburn

Let's know the tips and precautions for correct care so that you don't have to worry that "care after opening the sun will have an adverse effect".

Avoid seat packs

Since tanned skin is in a sensitive state, sheet packs may irritate it. It is important to first cool the skin immediately after sunburn, and then moisturise it after the redness and hot flashes have subsided to improve the skin barrier function. Allow your skin to return to normal after a few days before applying the sheet mask.

Do not put on skin care

When applying lotion or beauty essence, patting the skin will put a heavy burden on the skin. Gently press your skin to spread it all over your face. Also, many people use a massage to lift up their skin during skin care, but it is strongly recommended to refrain from doing a massage as it can be very irritating to the skin immediately after a sunburn.

Care after sunburn

It is very important to know effective measures in advance to prevent rough skin due to sunburn, but it is not possible to completely prevent sunburn even if you take measures. Therefore, it is best to cool down and moisturise your skin as soon as you get sunburned, eat a nutritious diet, and minimize the causes of skin irritation.
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