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Shipping policy

About Shipping All products on this website (hereinafter referred to as "our store") are shipped free of charge throughout Japan. Foreign shipping charges will be calculated automatically at the time of purchase. Regarding the delivery method, the delivery method is subject to the method specified by our store. In principle, customers cannot choose. As a general rule, we do not accept requests for specific dates or time periods.

If for any reason you wish to specify a shipping method, date or time, please contact us. About Delivery Days We use shipping methods with tracking numbers to ensure your order is delivered to you.
Basically, it will arrive in 2-3 days after the domestic shipment in Japan is completed. (For remote islands, it may take 3-4 days.) Foreign arrival time 5-10 days. However, this does not apply to areas where natural disasters or large-scale events occur.

We are very careful when packaging such as damage during transportation to ensure that the outer box has no scratches or dents before delivery, which is natural. Please allow any scratches or dents on the outer box that do not affect use.