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HachinendoⓇ Super Lactic Acid Bacteria ET (Diet Supplement) 240 tablets


effectively reduce and adjust

Each bottle contains 900 billion super lactic acid bacteria (with over 10 patents and over 50 scientific papers), and all main ingredients are food ingredients with functional claims.

Supports a beautiful body shape from the inside

Healthy diet with patented lactic acid bacteria, converting MCT oil to ketones

Main ingredients: Contains lactic acid bacteria, indigestible textrin, black ginger, L-citrulline, MCT oil, oat fiber, white kidney bean extract, Kimnema extract, magnesium oxide, lactoferrin, etc.

Super lactic acid bacteria (food ingredient with functional claims)

This lactic acid bacterium is heat-sterilized Enterococcus faecalis isolated from the human intestinal tract, and is a highly functional food ingredient. Super lactic acid bacteria is a multifunctional, diverse, and highly functional lactic acid bacterium that has more than 10 patents and more than 50 scientific papers, including ``effects on metabolic syndrome.'' Super lactic acid bacteria mainly have the following effects.

1. It adjusts the intestinal environment, improves stomach health, makes bowel movements smoother, and makes it easier to lose weight.

2. It adsorbs cholesterol and eliminates unnecessary fats and sugars, thus improving lipid metabolism and making it difficult for body fat to accumulate.

3. By reducing the number of obese bacteria in the body, increasing the number of lean bacteria, and improving the intestinal environment, it will transform your obese constitution into a lean one.

4. Helps promote good health by activating natural and acquired immunity.

Black ginger (food ingredient with functional claims)

It is a plant extract of different members of the Zingiberaceae family. It contains gingerol, which is unique to ginger, and polymethoxyflavonoid, an active ingredient that is completely different from shogaol, and has been reported to be effective in various diets.

vitamin B2

This is an important nutrient for people who tend to consume a lot of fat. In particular, it breaks down fat and converts it into energy, so it is an important nutrient for people who are on a diet or who eat a lot of fatty foods. While on a diet, you tend to be deficient in nutrients due to dietary restrictions, but be sure to take in enough vitamin B2 to help with fat metabolism.

magnesium oxide

It is also used as medicine and food, and when dieting, the intestinal environment must also be good. Since constipation has a negative effect on the body, magnesium oxide can be expected to relieve constipation and improve the condition of the digestive system.

Lactoferrin (food ingredient with functional claims)

Lactoferrin is a protein found in mammalian milk. The reason why you can lose weight with lactoferrin is that it prevents the accumulation of visceral fat. It has the effect of suppressing fat synthesis, promoting fat decomposition, and preventing sugars and lipids from turning into fat. 1) It can increase cAMP concentration, which supports the lactoferrin mechanism that breaks down fat, and 2) it can decrease perilipin, which protects fat.

MCT oil (medium chain fatty acid oil/food ingredient with functional claims)

MCTs are plant ingredients found in the seeds of palm trees such as coconuts and palm fruits. MCTs are known to not only prevent fat accumulation, but also to increase ketone bodies and mitochondria. Mitochondria are so-called "fat-burning factories" that produce energy to move our bodies by burning fat. If you increase ketone bodies and mitochondria by continuously consuming MCT, you will be able to use fat more efficiently as energy.

Indigestible texturin (food ingredient with functional claims )

It has also been shown that indigestible dextrin increases the number of good bacteria such as Bifidobacterium in the intestines, improves the intestinal environment, and can improve diarrhea. The action of indigestible dextrin suppresses sugar absorption and slows down the rise in blood sugar levels after meals. It suppresses the absorption of fat contained in meals, and the rise in blood neutral fat levels after meals is slowed down. Indigestible dextrin is also effective for people who feel that they have accumulated fat around their stomachs or who tend to eat fatty foods.

Contains 240 tablets (tablets), please take 8 tablets (small tablets) a day before going to bed. Feel the change in one month.