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What are lifestyle habits that lead to beautiful skin? Let's review diet, skin care, sleep, and bathing

The condition of the skin is affected by the internal and external environment. The internal environment is the state of the internal organs, and is related to diet, stress, and hormone balance. The external environment indicates temperature, humidity, ultraviolet rays, and so on. In order to have beautiful skin, it is very important to adjust your lifestyle while being aware of the internal and external environment. In this article, we will introduce habits to promote beautiful skin in each daily scene of eating, skin care, sleeping, and bathing.

4 lifestyle habits to be aware of when eating

Eat 3 meals a day at set times

Eating three meals a day, including breakfast, promotes blood flow throughout the body and is effective in preventing dullness of the skin. In addition, eating meals at a fixed time makes it easier for the internal organs to move normally, prevents constipation, and prevents waste products from accumulating.

Balanced intake of nutrients

Let's try to take nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and lactic acid bacteria in a well-balanced manner on a daily basis. Instant foods, convenience boxed lunches, supermarket side dishes, etc. may contain many artificial additives, so please refrain from eating them every day. Eat a variety of nutrients, especially protein, in your diet.

Here are some foods that contain a lot of each nutrient.
  • Protein: eggs, fish/meat, soybeans, dairy products, etc.
  • Vitamin A: Liver, butter, egg yolk, green and yellow vegetables, etc.
  • Vitamin C: lemon, broccoli, red paprika, strawberry, kiwi, etc.
  • Vitamin E: almonds, vegetable oils, etc.
  • Vitamin B group: liver, eel, bonito, seaweed, eggs, dairy products, dried shiitake mushrooms, natto, etc.
If it is difficult to get the nutrients you need from your regular diet, taking supplements is also an effective method.

Consider calorie balance

Calories are consumed at different times of the day, so it is important to eat with an awareness of calorie intake. It is said that the ideal calorie balance for the day is 3 in the morning: 3 in the afternoon and 4 in the evening. Many people skip breakfast, but if you do, your body will try to store fat to maintain energy, so it is recommended to have breakfast within two hours after waking up.

drink water frequently

It is recommended to drink 1.5-2L of water per day. Since about 60% of the human body is made up of water, a lack of water can lead to skin problems such as dry skin and lack of skin cell production. Drink plenty of water to promote blood flow and ensure that your skin is nourished with nutrients.

Also, when drinking water, try to drink something warm or around 38°C, which is close to your body temperature, to warm your body and improve your metabolism.

5 lifestyle habits to be aware of in skin care

Finish cleansing quickly

Before washing your face, cleanse to remove sebum, keratin plugs, and makeup. You need to carefully remove the dirt, but it's not a massage oil, so don't waste your time and finish it quickly.

Touch gently when cleansing or washing your face

Friction damages the skin, causing dryness, loss of texture, and increased spots, so be careful. When cleansing or washing your face, touch your skin gently and avoid rubbing. When rinsing off, gently wash away sebum and germs with lukewarm water at 32°C to 34°C without applying the shower directly to your face.

Moisturize well after washing your face

Moisturize immediately after washing your face, as water can easily escape. First, replenish moisture with lotion, then replenish oil with milky lotion. If you have dry or irritated skin, apply more cream. If you are concerned about oil content, it is effective to add cream even at night.

Take measures against ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays can cause skin problems such as rough skin and spots. It is necessary to take measures all year round because UV rays can cause damage not only in the summer when the UV rays are strong, but also in the winter. For example, avoid going out during hours when the amount of UV rays is high, and use different sunscreens indoors and outdoors, and reapply them regularly.

Use cosmetics that suit your skin type

It is important to know your skin type and use effective cosmetics that suit your type. Improper care can further accelerate skin problems, so be sure to choose products that match your skin type, such as “for dry skin” or “for sensitive skin.”

Three lifestyle habits to be aware of when sleeping

sleep more than 6 hours

The optimal sleep time cannot be said unconditionally because it varies depending on genetics and constitution, but in general, 6 hours is considered ideal. It is said that turnover (regeneration of skin cells) becomes active from 22:00 to 26:00, and going to bed at 22:00 is said to be the "golden time of the skin." If you don't get enough sleep, growth hormones won't be secreted enough, metabolism will be disturbed, and it will cause skin problems.

Wake up and go to bed at a set time

By going to bed and waking up at a fixed time every day, hormones are secreted normally and may promote skin turnover. In addition, exposure to sunlight in the morning regulates the internal clock, making it easier for the whole body to function.

Improve sleep quality

It is also important to create an environment that relaxes the body and makes it easier to fall asleep. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and blue light from smartphones and computers before bedtime. Creating a relaxing environment, such as doing light exercise such as stretching and smelling aromas, will improve the quality of sleep. When the quality of sleep increases, the secretion of growth hormone that promotes turnover is promoted.

3 lifestyle habits to be aware of when bathing

Soaking in hot water instead of showering

Many people prefer to take a shower in the summer, but it is better to soak in warm water to improve blood flow. When blood flow improves, it is effective for skin fatigue recovery and turnover.

Use hot water at a temperature of 38-40℃

Some people may feel a little hot, but by setting the temperature to 38-40°C, you can warm your body to the core. If you feel hot, it is also good to take a half-bath to avoid overheating. Soaking in hot water at a moderate temperature can make you feel drowsy and improve the quality of your sleep.

bathe for 15-20 minutes

A bath time of 15 to 20 minutes is appropriate. If you bathe for a long time, your skin will soften and the moisturizing ingredients will flow out, causing dryness and rough skin. If you want to soak for a long time, take a half-body bath or take a break to reduce the burden on your body.

Let's review the usual lifestyle and aim for beautiful skin

The accumulation of everyday life habits greatly affects beautiful skin. Let's review and improve the entire daily lifestyle such as meals, skin care, sleep, and bathing, and connect it to beautiful skin.
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