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What causes pores to appear on dry skin? Introducing countermeasures that can be implemented immediately

Pores are often cited as a skin problem. There are various causes of pore problems such as aging, stress, excessive sebum secretion, and dryness is one of them. Therefore, we will introduce how to deal with face washing, skin care, and makeup when you are worried about pores with dry skin.

Causes of dry skin with visible pores

When the moisture content of the skin decreases, it becomes dry and the barrier function decreases. As the stratum corneum of the skin thickens in an attempt to protect it from external stimuli, it causes stiffness and uneven texture, leading to conspicuous pores. There are two types of pore troubles caused by dryness: "sagging pores" and "that is, pores."

Causes of sagging pores (open pores)

Sagging pores are a condition in which the skin loses moisture and loses firmness. In addition to dryness, the muscles may weaken due to aging, etc., and the skin may not be supported and may sag. When the skin is saggy, the pores widen and take on a teardrop-like shape, making them more visible.

the cause of pores

When your skin is dry, it overproduces sebum to try to replenish moisture, which causes your pores to open. When the pores are open, excess sebum and keratin are easily clogged, and the skin becomes whitish at first, and then darkens as the sebum oxidizes.

Countermeasures for cleansing pores due to dryness

If makeup stains and sebum stains remain, they will accumulate in the pores and cause keratin plugs and pimples. Warming the skin with a hot towel before cleansing softens the skin and makes it easier to clean the pores. When cleansing, wash gently and carefully with lukewarm water to wash away makeup stains, sebum stains, and square plugs. Also, please be careful not to rub your skin too much as it will irritate your skin and make it easier to dry. There are various types of cleansers such as oil, cream, milk, and gel, so choose the one that suits your skin type.

If you use a cleansing agent with a strong detergency to thoroughly remove the dirt, or if you cleanse for a long time, it will actually irritate your skin, so be sure to wash it off quickly and gently.

How to deal with dry pores by washing your face

It is a good idea to choose a face wash that not only removes dirt well, but also contains moisturizing ingredients. Make plenty of lather by lathering well and gently massage while washing without rubbing. As with cleansing, rubbing and irritating your skin will make it easier to dry. When removing bubbles, rinse with lukewarm water at 38-40°C about 20 times so that there is no residue.

Be careful not to use a face wash with a strong cleansing power, as it may wash away the sebum necessary for your skin and may cause dry skin to worsen.

How to deal with skin care for pores caused by dryness

Skin care is very important to keep dry skin moisturized. After washing your face, your skin tends to dry out, so apply skin care immediately and moisturize.

First, apply lotion all over the skin to replenish moisture. Next, apply a moisturizing product such as milky lotion or cream to prevent the moisture from evaporating. When the dryness of the skin is particularly noticeable, it is good to choose emulsions and creams that contain a lot of ceramides and hyaluronic acid that are effective in moisturizing the skin.

By moisturizing and moisturizing the skin, it prevents dryness and prevents makeup stains, sebum, and keratin plugs from clogging the pores, making the pores less noticeable.

It is also important to use moisturizing care that matches the season. As the temperature drops, the amount of moisture in the air decreases, so from autumn to winter, thoroughly moisturizing care is recommended. It is also effective to change moisturizing items for summer and winter depending on the season, and to change the frequency of application to the skin.

How to deal with dry pores with makeup

Moisturize your skin thoroughly before applying makeup. Moisturizing the skin improves the texture and makes pores less noticeable. After moisturizing, prepare the foundation of makeup with a base to reduce unevenness of the skin. The foundation you put on the base not only covers pores and pimples, but also protects the skin from external stimuli. If you are particularly concerned about dryness, we recommend a liquid type with a lot of oil. However, if you apply foundation to dry skin, it may look powdery and floating, so please adjust the amount.

It is also a good idea to use cosmetics that have a sunscreen effect to prevent UV rays. Please pay attention to the notation of "SPF", a preventive index for UV-B rays that cause blemishes, and "PA", a preventive index for UV-A rays that cause wrinkles and sagging.

After applying makeup, if your skin becomes sticky or shiny during activities, use a tissue instead of oil blotting paper to lightly press it. If you use blotting paper on dry skin, it will remove too much sebum and may have the opposite effect.

You can prevent dry pores by devising makeup methods and cosmetics, but avoid using cosmetics that are strongly irritating as they can damage your skin.

Take measures against dry skin to zero pore problems

In order to prevent pore troubles due to dryness, it is important to take appropriate measures from the outside and measures from the inside. While taking correct measures such as skin care and face washing, let's try to live a stress-free lifestyle and get rid of pore worries.
As a countermeasure from the inside, it is also effective to take supplements.
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