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Explain the cause of stains and how to remove them! From skincare to diet to makeup

Knowing the exact cause of blemishes will help you prevent them. In this article, we will thoroughly introduce the causes and types of blemishes, as well as blemish prevention and countermeasures such as skin care, sun protection, diet, and makeup.

Causes of blemishes

When exposed to UV rays, the skin produces a pigment called melanin to prevent damage. When this melanin deposits on the skin, it becomes a tan. In sunburned skin, when turnover (rebirth of the skin) occurs, melanin peels off and returns to its original state.

The cycle of turnover is disturbed by aging and stress, and it causes all kinds of skin problems such as dryness and wrinkles in addition to spots.

Type of stain

There are various types of blemishes, some of which can be prevented and counteracted, while others cannot be dealt with by self-care. Understand the types of stains and take appropriate measures.

Spots that can be treated ① Senile pigment spots

This senile pigment spot is generally recognized as a "blemish". Also known as "sun-induced pigment spots", these spots are caused by sunlight (ultraviolet rays) and are more likely to occur due to age-related turnover disturbances. The color is brown or dark brown, and it is easy to appear on the face, arms and backs of hands.

Spots that can be treated ② Inflammatory pigmentation

Inflammatory pigmentation is pigmentation that occurs when inflammation such as acne, burns, and bites occurs, exposure to strong ultraviolet rays, or continuous stimulation of the same part of the skin. The color is brown, dark brown, or purplish brown, and it often disappears over time, depending on individual differences.

Spots that can be cared for ③ Melasma

It is thought to be caused by female hormonal imbalance, and is caused by menopause, pregnancy and childbirth, sleep deprivation, stress, and taking the pill. It is especially common in women in their 30s to 50s, and although it looks similar to age spots, it is symmetrical and tends to appear on the cheekbones and outer corners of the eyes.

Spots that cannot be treated: freckles, seborrheic keratosis, petal-like pigment spots

Spots that cannot be prevented by self-care include freckles caused by genetics and the effects of UV rays, seborrheic keratosis like warts caused by UV rays, and petal-like pigment spots caused by extremely strong sunburn that causes blisters. These may be improved by performing laser treatment at the clinic.

How to deal with stains

By taking measures against blemishes on a regular basis, you can develop skin that is resistant to blemishes in advance and improve blemishes that have already occurred. Here are three effective ways to get rid of blemishes.

skin care

By doing skin care in the right way, you can promote the discharge of melanin, which is the source of dark spots. Pay attention to the following points and take care of your skin.

1 Carefully cleanse and wash your face

If makeup and cleansing agents are not removed completely, the dirt will remain on the skin and oxidize, causing damage. First of all, cleansing thoroughly removes makeup, and when washing your face, make plenty of foam and remove dirt by stroking gently without rubbing.

2 Be sure to use moisturizing care

Moisturize your skin in order of lotion, serum, milky lotion or cream. It is even more effective to use a "whitening lotion" that contains whitening ingredients, and it suppresses the production of melanin. Dryness is one of the causes of turnover disturbance, so be careful.

3 Regularly pack and peel

Regularly perform a pack that further enhances the moisturizing effect and a peeling that removes old keratin and promotes the discharge of melanin.

sun protection

Daily sun protection is very important to prevent UV rays, which is the root cause of age spots. Apply sunscreen in an effective way.

When applying sunscreen, place it on your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose, then spread it evenly over your entire face. The face line and neck are also prone to sunburn, so don't forget to apply it. Also, even on cloudy days, UV rays are still pouring in, so it is a good idea to apply sunscreen every day, especially when you are outdoors, and reapply every 1-2 hours.

food and supplements

In order to make the skin resistant to spots, it is important to eat in a correct lifestyle and take in nutrients in a well-balanced manner. In particular, try incorporating foods that contain vitamin A, vitamin B2, and vitamin C into your regular meals and supplements.

Vitamin A

  • lever
  • butter
  • egg yolk
  • Green vegetables etc.

Vitamin B2

  • eel
  • almond
  • Natto, etc.

Vitamin C

  • paprika
  • lemon
  • broccoli
  • kiwi
  • tomato etc.

How to make up to hide blemishes

If you want to remove the spots temporarily and quickly, it's a good idea to devise your makeup. To hide blemishes, try applying makeup with the following points in mind.

Choose a concealer color that matches your blemishes

For light blemishes, choose a color that is close to your skin, and for dark blemishes, choose a color slightly darker than your skin tone to help hide the blemishes.

Choose the type of concealer that matches the condition of the blemish

Concealers come in stick, liquid, cream, and pencil types, so it's best to use them according to the condition of your blemishes. For example, sticks and pencils are recommended if you want to hide blemishes in a small area, and liquids and creams are recommended if you want to cover a wide area.

Finish naturally with face powder

Place the concealer on the blemish you want to hide, spread it gently with a sponge, and finish with a layer of face powder. Layering face powder not only makes it look natural, but also increases coverage and prevents it from crumbling.

Let's work on stain prevention that can be done by self-care

Spots can be effectively prevented with regular self-care. First of all, keep a regular lifestyle in mind, take in nutrients that are effective in preventing spots, and be aware of skin care methods that are highly moisturizing to make your skin less prone to spots.
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